Mustafapasa: A Village in Turkey's Central Cappadocia Region
As many other small villages in Turkey, Mustafapasa, in Turkey ‘s central Cappadocia region, is steeped in Greek Orthodox history , particularly the Ottoman years before the early 20th century Turkish War of Independence, when Turks and Greeks lived side by side in harmony. Author Giles Milton, who featured Turkish, Greek, Armenian and Jewish communities...
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Levissi Village for Greeks and Kayakoy for Turks: The Ghost Village
A short distance from the busy and popular resorts of Fethiye and Olu Deniz lies the ghost village Kayakoy. It’s deserted, it’s lifeless, the houses crumble and the roads are empty. There is, however, an atmosphere and an overwhelming presence that hovers over the village. Some tourists might not feel it, but I did and...
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