Neighbourhoods of Istanbul Including Taksim square and Princess Islands
Taksim square: When I first arrived in Turkey, despite knowing that Istanbul was the largest city in the country and the top tourist destination visited, nothing prepared me to realize how intense the city is. In addition to being the reigning core cities for both the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, Istanbul’s neighborhoods each have their...
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Levissi Village for Greeks and Kayakoy for Turks: The Ghost Village
A short distance from the busy and popular resorts of Fethiye and Olu Deniz lies the ghost village Kayakoy. It’s deserted, it’s lifeless, the houses crumble and the roads are empty. There is, however, an atmosphere and an overwhelming presence that hovers over the village. Some tourists might not feel it, but I did and...
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The Cappadocia's Goreme Open Air Museum after 5 Years
In 2010 I first visited Cappadocia’s Goreme Open Air Museum and my writing-up was neither kind nor full of praise. I have accused the guide of incorrect information and my exact words to describe the UNESCO World Heritage site have been … “Goreme Open Air Museum is 13 cave churches that all look the same....
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