Complete Guide to Ephesus Antique City and its Remains
Turkish history ‘s vivid timeline means the country is awash with ancient sites from many civilizations. Of all these, the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus are perhaps the most prominent, drawing thousands of tourists every day. The ancient city of Ephesus is to Turkey what the pyramids are to Egypt or the Colosseum...
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Celsus Library and Its Statues: When it was Founded in Ephesus?
The library of Celsus at Ephesus is probably one of Turkey’s most photographed historical structures. It belongs to the ancient city on the Aegean coast, close to Kusadasi holiday resort and Selcuk working city. One of my interests is the history of Turkey, while I am learning about my adopted country, so naturally I have...
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When it comes to the top tourist destinations in the world, Turkey is not topping any lists. But it sure should be. This country is jam packed with amazing things to see and experience. Some of the oldest civilizations in the world held residence here and certain cities feature prominently in the bible. Ancient ruins...
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