Things to do in turkey

Getting to the Mediterranean from the Old Harbor
Do not assume that the only thing you can do while on holiday in the Antalya Region is lie on the beach. There are a huge variety of activities, places to discover, and enjoyments in Antalya. But for many visitors, history is barely mentioned. In contrast, Antalya is all about the beaches that line the...
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Great Theater Ephesus
Turkey is a stunning place that straddles Asia and Europe. It is full of historic ruins left over from a parade of empires and blessed with magnificent landscapes that never fails to amaze. All who visit are awed by its colourful culture, delectable cuisine, and extensive history, while its magnificent landscapes, which range from the...
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Turkish Luxury Travel: Star Rating and Prices of Hotels
Turkey has embarked on a building spree of all-inclusive 5-star hotels in recent years, offered at bargain rates, over the internet and by travel agencies.Turkish hotels: They are mostly appealing to British, Bulgarian, Georgian and Russian clientele, and are scattered across the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. Admittedly, with unlimited food and drink, often available around...
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