Turkish Luxury Travel: Star Rating and Prices of Hotels

Turkish Luxury Travel: Star Rating and Prices of Hotels

Turkey has embarked on a building spree of all-inclusive 5-star hotels in recent years, offered at bargain rates, over the internet and by travel agencies.Turkish hotels: They are mostly appealing to British, Bulgarian, Georgian and Russian clientele, and are scattered across the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

Admittedly, with unlimited food and drink, often available around the clock, they do provide value for money, which explains the popularity. I served in a couple of them in my days as a holiday rep, and even stayed overnight in a few in the years that followed.

Apart from the bland food choices offered in the dining hall, most of them are beautiful in their decor and design. They ‘re modern and comfortable, and they also offer daytime and evening entertainment, so you’ll never need to leave the hotel if you want rest and relaxation.

So, is the idea of staying in an all-inclusive 5-star hotel suddenly the mainstream norm, for extremely cheap prices, meaning luxury travel in Turkey?

Actually no.

Turkish Luxury Travel: Star Rating and Prices

Turkish Luxury Travel: Star Rating and Prices of Hotels

Most travel writers and industry experts believe luxury expectations differ from country to country. In another world, what constitutes a 3-star might obtain a 5-star rating in Turkey, and vice versa. That is because there isn’t a method for ranking luxury travel around the world. Every country has its own standards and it sets criteria.

Most people around the world also no longer see luxury as synonymous with quality , particularly after widely publicized scandals revealed that underage children in third world sweatshops rendered luxury goods sold by popular brand names.

On the Personalized Experience

Frederic Jutant from Splendia, a company that specializes in luxury Istanbul hotels, says the luxury aspect filters down to the experience in the travel industry. People aren’t able to pay top-notch rates and be viewed as insignificant.

Being only one of the crowds they don’t want to be herded in and out of doors.

Most luxury-renowned Turkish hotels all offer personalized experiences. Although they have outstanding decor and design, their prestige has not been gained by gourmet food, sea views or spa amenities.

Some hotels offer a private massage upon arrival so you can de-stress after your journey.

Others decorate each room in specific ways , making the stay personalized.

Others have personnel on hand to tailor tours to what you want to see and expect.

Others sell private restaurants.

We all make you feel as if your money is being well spent. They figure out what you want as a person and not a client.

Turkish hotels are in fact at an advantage because their culture embodies hospitality. The Turks have welcomed strangers for centuries and treated them like friends. The moment they begin to behave like multinational companies that use blanket customer service strategies is when they can no longer identify themselves as luxury.

The problem with all-inclusive budget hotels is that cost saving needs to be dribbled down and somewhere accounted for. That often results in the absence of one-to-one service.

But, while the all-inclusive 5-star hotels provide good accommodation at affordable prices, many people are not classifying them as luxury travel in Turkey, as there is just no personalized one-to-one service.

Frederic went on to say …

Most hospitality professionals across the world mutually agree, the term “luxury travel” is overused. The industry, trends and people have moved on from spend, spend, spend nature of the last few decades to a demand for personalised experiences, or as the National Geographic puts it, “luxury is something of emotional value”.

Turkish Luxury Travel: Star Rating and Prices of Hotels

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