Complete Guide to Ephesus Antique City and its Remains
Turkish history ‘s vivid timeline means the country is awash with ancient sites from many civilizations. Of all these, the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus are perhaps the most prominent, drawing thousands of tourists every day. The ancient city of Ephesus is to Turkey what the pyramids are to Egypt or the Colosseum...
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Butterfly Valley, An Untouched Heaven of The Turkey
I handed my fare over to the captain of the taxi boat and sat down breathing a great sigh of relief on the wooden seatbank. In retrospect, it didn’t affect my plans for the day. I just wanted to catch a taxi boat from Olu Deniz beach to the popular Butterfly Valley landmark, a large...
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Know about Turkish Culture, Complete Guide to Social Traditions
One thing that you will soon know when you visit Turkey is part of Turkish culture is that you are really sociable. Turkish people love to meet new friends, and don’t think about spending half a day talking to a complete stranger while upholding the world. People who come from reserved countries may be in...
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A Complete Guide on How to Use Money in Turkey?
People who visit Turkey generally want to know first about the money. It makes the world go round, after all, and whether or not you have a budget, understanding the currency, exchange rates, fees, and costs, means you’re going to invest wisely. So let’s start by first addressing the related facts about using money in...
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Mediterranean Delight in Turkey: Kas, Things to Do There!
Kas is all that should be a typical turkish Mediterranean seaside resort. White washed houses cascade down the winding mountain roads to show you the way to beautiful beaches and a harbor that reminds you that life is actually quite good and while in Kas the best thing to do is to quickly adapt to...
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How to Get Access to Internet on your Mobile, in Turkey?
A big problem for most people when they arrive in Turkey is how to remain connected to the Internet. We ‘re addicted to it and most of our everyday lives need it, whether it’s chatting with friends on Twitter, sharing images online, using maps or using smartphone applications. Most people on their cell phones allow...
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Here Know about Turkish Painting Ferien in Bodrum
Turkish Painting: Drawing and painting were never my good talents. I think I’m creative, but I’ve never been able to use a pencil or art brush to create pictures worth hanging on the wall throughout my life. Maybe that’s why, instead, I drifted toward photography, because it seems all the research is being done for...
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What Qualification Level is Required for Teaching English in Turkey?
As part of the monthly posts on how to support yourself financially when traveling or moving to this country, one choice that comes up over and over again is to teach English as a foreign language in Turkey. Now that’s something I’ve never done, but several of my online friends do or have it because...
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Living Cost in Turkey: Here are Ways to Live as a Foreigner there
One question that I frequently get asked is how I support my life in Turkey. People who inquire are generally girls who have met somebody while on vacation here, and they want to stay in the country. Others are middle-aged couples who don’t want to wait until retirement age to experience the sun-life they dream...
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Benefits and Making Way of Turkish Tea Which Make it National Drink
Those who are unfamiliar with Turkey ‘s country think the national beverage is coffee, but tea is the inseparable drink of Turkish society. Women, relatives , and friends frequently meet in tea gardens, while men flock to male-dominated tea houses which are the focal point of most towns and villages. Returning to the old days...
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