Know about Turkish Culture, Complete Guide to Social Traditions

Know about Turkish Culture, Complete Guide to Social Traditions

One thing that you will soon know when you visit Turkey is part of Turkish culture is that you are really sociable. Turkish people love to meet new friends, and don’t think about spending half a day talking to a complete stranger while upholding the world. People who come from reserved countries may be in awe of the friendly nature shown to all. Keeping this in mind, I have prepared a guide on Turkish culture and social customs that you can find when you visit Turkey.

Hos Geldiniz.

In Turkey, you will often hear this phrase, more so if you visit the traditional Turkish restaurants and bars, rather than tourist-oriented establishments. It means “welcome,” and the word you are expected to return is “Hos bulduk,” meaning we feel welcome. Don’t get anxious if you forget this word or if you forget to say it because the Turks understand that not every foreigner knows the Turkish.

Just guys. If you are a woman, then Turkish tea houses are the only establishments to be aware of. Men traditionally don’t go in there. Search then for a Turkish tea garden where couples and their families can go. When you are in some doubt, remember who else is there. Countless amounts of tables loaded with men playing backgammon indicate women are no-go place.

Social Assemblies

Turkish Culture: You may find yourself invited by a Turkish person to a wedding or circumcision party, even though you’ve only known them for a few days. The more the merrier is the slogan here and not even the word stranger is being thought about. If alcohol may depend on the family and their history at the place.

I’m not going to write a long list of do’s and don’ts because the Turks just want you to relax and have fun. If there is anything you need to know at the time, then somebody at the event will let you know what’s going on. Purchase small pieces of gold from a jewellery store or send them money as a gift to send to the guest of honor. In Turkey wrapped gifts and cards are not commonly known.

A Call to Your House

Turkish people are welcoming everyone to their house and all outside. It could also be a formal evening meal for breakfast or. When you enter in answer, remember to say Hos bulduk when they tell you you you ‘re welcome. Shoes are generally not allowed inside the house. You’ll be given a pair of slippers instead.

Know about Turkish Culture, Complete Guide to Social Traditions

So here’s what you have to say. If you’re dining around, make sure you’ve got a big empty stomach. Dishes after dishes are wheeled out for you and Turkish people don’t take no for a response. The main meal will be big and then popcorn, nuts, vegetables, cake, tea and Turkish coffee will follow.

If the family’s from a big city, you are likely to be sitting at the table. However, if it’s a small village house, a huge round stand will be put in the center of the floor and everybody will be sitting around to support themselves in the center to eat. I’ve never been given a knife, just a spoon and a fork, when someone is eating. If you want to really impress then tell elinize saglik to the cook at the end of the meal. This means your hands are in good health and appreciation of a good meal.

I normally follow the women into the kitchen when I go round to someone’s house for a meal and I’ll help them prepare the meal. During this time , people will be sitting in the living room talking and chattering about daily things. The same applies to post-meal clearing up.

Turkish Culture: Recall that Muslims do not believe in bathing or washing things in stagnant water if you want to help with washing the dishes. Therefore there will be a washing-up tub, but under a running tap until they clean the plates and cutlery. That’s also the reason you won’t usually find sink plugs in hotel rooms.

And that is your short introduction to Turkish social customs. If you think I’ve missed anything, please feel free to add it below. Similarly if you want to know more and have a question, add it below and I’ll be more than happy to answer for you.

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