Turkish Food

Know about Turkish Culture, Complete Guide to Social Traditions
One thing that you will soon know when you visit Turkey is part of Turkish culture is that you are really sociable. Turkish people love to meet new friends, and don’t think about spending half a day talking to a complete stranger while upholding the world. People who come from reserved countries may be in...
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Here are 37 Ways to Tell if You Act Like a Turkish Person
When I first arrived in Turkey, I was intrigued by the relentless barrage of all new items and in some cases frankly strange. Little Turkish quirks displayed by my new friends and learning about everyday aspects of the country ‘s life, such as how to catch the bus, banking systems and social greetings, made me...
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Turkey Arts, Literature, Culture and Food make it Suitable for Explorers
Turkey Arts: Turkey is a unique country located between the Middle East , Asia and Europe. All three ‘s influence can be seen throughout the country-in history , culture, architecture, fashion and food. Muslim mosques sit alongside Christian churches and Catholic cathedrals whereas ancient ruins of Greek , Roman, Ottoman, Hittite, Lycian civilizations and more...
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When we ponder over a verity of food items popular around the world, Turkish food menu maintains its own stance. Made up of multiple ingredients, traditional Turkish food waters the mouths. Considering Turkish main dishes, we get to know how much traditional Turkish food recipes are appreciated by the people of Turkey. These dishes, undoubtedly,...
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