Benefits and Making Way of Turkish Tea Which Make it National Drink

Benefits and Making Way of Turkish Tea Which Make it National Drink

Those who are unfamiliar with Turkey ‘s country think the national beverage is coffee, but tea is the inseparable drink of Turkish society. Women, relatives , and friends frequently meet in tea gardens, while men flock to male-dominated tea houses which are the focal point of most towns and villages.

Returning to the old days of face-to – face contact, indulging in Turkey ‘s everyday tea drinking routine means you don’t need telephone credit, Facebook Time, or socializing otherwise. This is also a personal experience, and the beginning of a beautiful relationship in most cases with strangers. It even has its own proverb which connects it to love.

“Sevmek Çay Gibidir Sevilmek Seker Bizim Gibi Garibanlar Çayi Sekersiz”

Meaning “To love is like tea, to be loved is like sugar. The poor like us drink their tea without sugar.”

Benefits and Making Way of Turkish Tea Which Make it National Drink

How to Beat Turkish Tea?

Called Cay in Turkish, small tulip-shaped glasses are used to drink the tea, sitting on round saucers. Turks never add milk, but they usually insist on two or more cubes of sugar. It is then a simple case of slowly sipping it to spice the taste.

Turkish friends are more than likely to serve you tea when you visit them at their house. They may even invite you to visit them at family-run tea gardens. Tea rooms, usually situated in the village or town center are male-dominated settings, so it would be particularly rare to see a female in one of those settings.

The advantages of Turkish Tea

Turkish tea is not only a social experience but also has many health benefits. Studies in the Netherlands have shown that black tea helps regulate blood vessels and the heart, leading to a lower chance of a heart attack or stroke. In black tea, the flavonoids also keep cholesterol down, help stabilize our metabolism, and reduce diabetes risk.

Benefits and Making Way of Turkish Tea Which Make it National Drink

How to make Turkish tea?

Traditionally, the Turkish tea is made from a wooden, two-tire pot called a çaydanlık. Take the bigger bottom pot and boil on the stove with water in it. Put 2 tablespoons of tea leaves into the top cup, and fill it with the bottom boiling water. Place it roughly 10 minutes on top of the bottom plate.

When you’re ready to serve fill a tiny tulip-shaped glass with the tea mixture from the top half of the çaydanlık, about a quarter or a third of the way up. Top up with fresh bottom pot tea. This mixture can be altered according to your taste, whether you prefer heavy or mild (açik) tea. Stir in the sugar cubes to taste, then stir and drink.

Benefits and Making Way of Turkish Tea Which Make it National Drink

Caykur Tea with Rize

Turkey’s most commonly used tea brand is Caykur, from Rize’s northeast region. Known as the country’s tea capital, this province has a mild climate that suits the green mountainsides covered with tea plantations. Estimates claim every second adult works in Rize’s tea industry, as the region’s main trade. Caykur produces various tea variations while Rize Turist is the most commonly available. Visit the Caykur Tea Gardens for a refreshing brew and a fantastic view over the city and its tea plantations if you are in that region.

Benefits and Making Way of Turkish Tea Which Make it National Drink

Certain Turkish Tea Sorts

Oralet is a fruit tea with peach, mango, limon and cherry flavours. Instead of using the traditional tea leaves, the consistency of the mixture looks like sprinkles used to decorate cakes. It has an odd bright hue, a fruity taste and usually doesn’t require additional sugar due to its sweetness. This type of tea, typically sold on the local weekly markets, appeals more to tourists than to Turks.

There is also Turkish herbal tea available but Apple tea is worth mentioning at this point. It has earned a reputation in the tourism industry , especially while shopping, as the ideal drink to offer travelers. The reality is Turks rarely drink it. The green, sweet type is, according to them, the only way to drink tea, like a Turk!

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