How to Get Access to Internet on your Mobile, in Turkey?

How to Get Access to Internet on your Mobile, in Turkey?

A big problem for most people when they arrive in Turkey is how to remain connected to the Internet. We ‘re addicted to it and most of our everyday lives need it, whether it’s chatting with friends on Twitter, sharing images online, using maps or using smartphone applications.

Most people on their cell phones allow roaming, but it can be costly. Just last month, her supplier handed a woman £12,500 bill! When in Turkey, she used the hotels Wi-Fi but this cut-out and her international mobile Internet service took over immediately.

Last month I was asked to study Rent and Connect Turkey’s supplied 4 G apps. We are a Wi-Fi provider whose goal is to keep tourists linked to the country 24/7 at low cost.

I’ll discuss them later but thought this was a good opportunity to discuss internet options available to travelers and vacationers in Turkey.

How to Obtain Mobile Internet in Turkey

How to Get Access to Internet on your Mobile, in Turkey?

Purchase a Sim Card

A prepaid Turkish simcard is the most common way to avoid roaming charges. There are 3 cellular providers located in Turkey. Turkcell, Avea, Vodafone, and Both rates are generally close, and plans provide access to internet, voice calls, and text messages.

You will need copies of your passport to purchase the cards but if you plan to stay in the country for more than a month, you will also need to register your foreign phone and pay tax.

Cold Spots with Wi-Fi

How to Get Access to Internet on your Mobile, in Turkey?

Nearly every restaurant, bar, and hotel in Turkey has free Wi-Fi access available to customers. Many cafes use a Wi-Fi hotspot provider which will allow you to register with their network.

The only potential disappointment is that stable and high-speed Internet can be ad-hoc, because many people can use the connection simultaneously.

You are still restricted to the Wi-Fi site, so if you’re walking around town, in a remote village area, or on a boat ride, you need another option, which is why I liked Rent and Connect ‘s mobile Wi-Fi service.

Rent a Mobile Hotspot (Mi-Fi, Wi-Fi in Pocket) or Interactive Guide

Rent ‘n Connect is located in Istanbul. Their slogan for the company is “Rent ‘n Link is your best friend in Turkey.”

They have two separate appliances for rent.

Wi-Fi Network To Go

This computer is fitted with a 4 G data simcard and is small and lightweight so I just kicked it in my handbag or pocket.

First time communicating was simple and quick. I turned on the computer and scanned for “RentNConnect” from my mobile phone’s Wi-Fi network list. I entered the device’s password, and then was good to go.

I sometimes shut off my internet because it drains the battery but no matter where I was, every time I turned it back on, the internet link came back in seconds and you can use up to 10 devices with Rent’n Connects mobile hotspot.

So essentially, you can connect your laptop , tablet, smartphone and kindle to the Internet at the same time. This is perfect when you’re traveling with family and friends, because everyone can use one 4 G unit.

From their feedback, previous Rent’n Connect customers said the signal and speed of the system was much more reliable than the internet at their hotels and I agree with them.

Digital Guide w / Internet Limited

This product is similar to the hotspot app, as it connects to the Internet through a 4 G data simcard, but it also comes with a 7 “tablet with ready-installed apps, which can be used as an offline-online guide or map.

You can also use the “Virtual Guide” app, if you’re in Istanbul, to make you feel like a “local” user. You don’t need to check for information on where to eat and common attractions, as all the information is in the guide.

And if you don’t want to use your own gadgets in Turkey, or just need a second one to keep the kids entertained, that is great option.

Rent n Connect Customer Service: Customer support has especially impressed me. In the day of your arrival they deliver the unit to your room. Drop the machines into the sealed cargo bags upon departure, lock them and leave at the reception desk.

Rent n Link then give them to the freight company to pick them up. During my rental time, they also linked me via Twitter to check that all was fine, and I was linked.

Pricing: For an unlimited data plan, both devices are €5.99 each, per day. Rent ‘n Connect provides 30 percent discount when booking for a week and they also run promotions and more discount deals across their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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