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What Qualification Level is Required for Teaching English in Turkey?
As part of the monthly posts on how to support yourself financially when traveling or moving to this country, one choice that comes up over and over again is to teach English as a foreign language in Turkey. Now that’s something I’ve never done, but several of my online friends do or have it because...
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A Beginner Guide for Speaking Turkish Easily for Beginners
Speaking Turkish: Given my passion for Turkey, one thing I completely hate about living in the country is learning how to speak Turkish. Do I have to know? Well, it’s not. Most expats stay in Turkey without knowing the language but I think when you learn the lingo, life is much simpler. And whoever wishes...
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Here are 37 Ways to Tell if You Act Like a Turkish Person
When I first arrived in Turkey, I was intrigued by the relentless barrage of all new items and in some cases frankly strange. Little Turkish quirks displayed by my new friends and learning about everyday aspects of the country ‘s life, such as how to catch the bus, banking systems and social greetings, made me...
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