10 Wonderful Benefits of Walking Outside Everyday

In the present time, when everyone is in stress which might be because of certain reasons, walking outside can keep you motivated every time. Daily walk can burn up to 5x of belly fat. So let’s know what walk can do for your body? and what are the benefits of walking?

You will feel yourself easy and happy

Walk helps you to release your tension. When you walk then your brain releases chemicals like serotonin and dopamine which can also be named as “Happy chemicals” which can change your mood. Research has shown that walking outside has shown very less cases of depression as compared to walking indoors. Moreover, walking on calm places, where you can feel yourself very close to nature can relax your mind faster.

It will defend against memory loss

10 Wonderful Benefits of Walking Outside Everyday

During walk, your body releases a protein named as “ brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) “ which helps grow new brain cells, preventing you from memory loss and dementia.

Lower blood pressure

10 Wonderful Benefits of Walking Outside Everyday

Benefits of walking also include normal blood pressure. When you walk, your heart pumps more blood as it beats faster. In this way, your heart will be able to do its job with less effort, which will help your blood pressure to decrease.

It will lower the chances of heart attack

10 Wonderful Benefits of Walking Outside Everyday

Our heart is a muscle that contracts and pumps blood with each heartbeat. Walking leads to efficient working of heart, delivering more nutrients and oxygen to other organs. Daily walk can minimize risk of heart attack by 35 percent.

Prevents from lung cancer

10 Wonderful Benefits of Walking Outside Everyday

Regular walk and exercise routine can reduce the risk of lung cancer. As you might have observed that during walk your heart beats faster and you are a little out of breath, which confirms the entry of extra oxygen in your lungs. Walk can help to reduce the severity of symptoms for patients of asthma and other lung diseases.

It’ll improve your mood

By routine morning or evening walk, your stress is reduced. Walking alone is more beneficial than walking in group. According to psychiatrists, you must spend at least 10 minutes with yourself, so walking alone is better.  Even if you are tired, then after walk you will feel relaxed. It reduces depression and anxiety and you will feel yourself very easy and light. To see best results, make a routine of 30 minutes daily walk for one week.

Makes your bones stronger

10 Wonderful Benefits of Walking Outside Everyday

You might walk because it make you feel good but you may not realize that how much your bones are being stronger by walking. According to New England Journal of Medicine study, walk can reduce the risk of hip cancer by 30 percent. Walk is a simple weight bearing activity that can protect you from osteoporosis.

It’ll keep you fit

10 Wonderful Benefits of Walkin

Walking helps your body to burn calories. During walk your muscles release a hormone called irisin that makes weight loss easier. Definitely, if you move faster, you will burn more calories.

Keeps you to look fresher

10 Wonderful Benefits of Walking Outside Everyday

Routine workout and walking cause an increase in the production of a protein that keeps your skin smooth and prevents it from aging signs like fine lines, called collagen. Outside waking will cause the absorbance of vitamin D to your skin that will keep you fresh. It also stimulates the blood flow to your skin giving more color to your cheeks.

Prevention from other diseases

Walk in sunlight helps body to recover the deficiency of vitamin D which prevents from Rickets ( a disease in which bones become enough soft that they bend) and osteomalacia (causing muscle weakness and weak bones). Walk in sunlight can also protect you from many other heart diseases, diabetes, joint pain and prostate cancer.

There are many more benefits of walking. So daily walk is very necessary to keep your body active and fit and to protect your health and beauty.

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