Bars of Taksim in Istanbul – Women and Foreigners Nightlife

Bars in Taksim: I am no longer a night-time guy. I like early waking up and going to bed early. Okay, my drinking days are behind me, and truly.

Yet while visiting one of the world’s largest cities i.e. Istanbul – I have wanted to check out the nightlife. The busy istiklal avenue, along with two female mates, is one place that remains busy until the early hours of the morning so that I went there.

Keep Off the Pavyons

Another friend cautioned me to stay away from every so-called Pavyon government. It is where clothed ladies steal all the money by paying the odds for a peanut beer and plate while wiggling their ass in the direction.

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Warning – Taksim’s normal bars are very good and I have been out of action for the whole of the next day, so do not part if you plan to see the next day!

Two bars which I recommend in Taksim

Bars of Taksim in Istanbul - Women and Foreigners Nightlife

Remember – All of these bars are on Istiklal Street, near Taksim square. Istiklal Avenue is 3 km long so do not search the Karakoy for these bars ending otherwise; you are going to end up very thirsty!

Sefahathane-Atlas Pasaj   

As soon as I stepped into this bohemian bar, I felt immediately like it was my kind of place. Located inside Pasaji Atlas, just off Istiklal Street, it is the best spot to start the night out.

Drinks are fairly priced so it is easy to get the ambience. It is suitable for families, couples and singles.

The owner is Selim and they do a marvelous job with his staff to make you feel welcome.


Apparently, it gets really busy proving its success as the early hours of the morning are arriving.

Bars of Taksim in Istanbul - Women and Foreigners Nightlife

Even though everything about this trendy bar was perfect, the music selection was what really made my visit special. Global music from the 80’s and 90 ‘s made me recall when I was able to party non-stop during my teen years. If I had only one time-machine!

Crab Bar-Avenue Istiklal

This bar name shocked me. Crab bar makes me think of Aegean cuisine, beachside Mediterranean nights or sexual illnesses!


Getting over my giggles at the word, relaxing in the summer evenings is definitely not a pub. It is comprised of four floors crowded from wall to wall.

Bars of Taksim in Istanbul - Women and Foreigners Nightlife

The live Turkish band is certainly worth listening to if you can get over the lack of personal space. The singer obviously sounds healthier, the drunker he is!

He was sure to knock them back that night and created catchy melodies backed by a fantastic voice along with his mates. Now he has already a following.


Bars of Taksim in Istanbul - Women and Foreigners Nightlife

I did not see any other foreigners in the bar but felt absolutely relaxed. There are no frills but there is ample excitement to create a perfect night out.

Not only Istanbul, but other cities of Turkey like Cappadocia also has many bars like red wine house and dream spot Cappadocia, which are worth-visiting. To know more about Cappadocia, visit Cappadocia Tours and 2 Days Cappadocia Tour.

What else have I learned about Nightlife in Taksim?

If you go to the bars at night around all of Turkey’s coastal resorts, the females are bound to get into trouble. Many nightclubs are the traditional cattle market of leering guys, clustered in the store shelf around the females as if they were a slice of beef.

You would think the hassle would be ten times worse in Istanbul but while I felt very comfortable as a foreigner and as a female in the bars I mentioned above. The only trouble we have got during the day was from a waiter in a restaurant under Galata Bridge!

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