The Most Interesting Facts about New York You’ll be Stunned to Know

The City Never Sleeps. According to the 2018 census its population is 8,399 million. The Big Apple. New York City is full of nicknames. In reality it has more than 10! That is just one of the interesting facts about New York we will learn as we learn the iconic city’s fascinating, quirky, and downright weird details.

The Most Interesting Facts about New York

1) You are probably aware that NYC is famous for its pizza. Do you know, though, that it is the birthplace of the first ever pizzeria in the United States? Lombardi’s opened in 1895 and now serves some of New York’s finest pizza.

2) New York City is spoken in more than 800 languages. Yup, 800! As a consequence it is the world’s most linguistically diverse city.

3) Which landmark would be older? Brooklyn Bridge of the Tower Bridge in London?  If you surmised about the Brooklyn Bridge, you are right.

4) If you have ever been to New York City, there is no way you have seen a lot of cars hang their horns. Honking your horn is actually illegal at NYC, though. It is one of the interesting facts about New York that may not seem real, but it is real!

5) Times Square takes its name from The New York Times. This was initially known as Longacre Square, until 1904 when the Times relocated there. Longacre square does not have exactly the same ring to it, does it?

Time Square

6) New York City was the first capital of the United States of America, and not Washington D.C.

7) We have all come up with the term “faster than a New York minute.” But do you know that in New York City there is a birth every 4.4 minutes? That is quite a lot of kids!

8) The library in New York City holds more than 50 million books. As such, it is the world’s third largest library, and the second largest library behind Congress Library in the U.S.

9) The Empire State Building is struck about 23 times a year by lightning. Talk on the part of electric!

10) The brain and eyeballs of Albert Einstein are housed in a safe box in New York City. Different, huh? Really, you bet!

Albert Einstein

11) New York City has the largest Jewish community outside of Israel, the largest non-Asian Chinese population and the largest Puerto Rican population of any region in the world.

12) May 1 was moving day in New York City until the 1920s. As such, on this day anyone who changed apartments in New York City had to move! Can you just imagine the chaos? This is probably one of the most interesting facts about New York.

13) The Central Park Mall, which is the only straight path in Central Park, originally built to encourage wealthy New Yorkers to walk, socialize and show off their fancy dudes.

14) Federal Reserve Bank of New York City has the world’s largest gold storage facility. The vault, which houses over 7,000 tons of gold coins, or around $90 billion dollars, is 80 feet below ground level.

15) The oldest New York City building dates back 1642. The house located in Brooklyn, known as Wyckoff Farm, is now a museum dedicated to the Dutch heritage of the city.

Oldest building iddn NYC

16) You may have heard of The Highline, a park above New York City Streets. But you heard of The Lowline, did you? It is the world’s first underground park, and is located on the West Side of Manhattan.

17) There is a Whispering Gallery at Grand Central Terminal. Stand in opposite diagonal corners of the room, talking to someone on the other side of the room.

18) One of the most interesting facts about New York City is that the cowboys used to patrol Manhattan’s West Side. Why, Why so? Okay, their job was to wrangle people out of freight trains in an effort to avoid accidents. Fortunately, as security measures improved, they were no longer needed and slowly phased out by 1941.

19) Birdwatchers beware! There is more to New York City than just pigeons. In addition, 275 of the 800 known species of North American birds were spotted in Central Park, New York.

20) The Statue of Liberty can be a shiny emblem of America but do you know that France originally gave it to the United States? The gift was bestowed for the centennial celebration of America in 1886. It was then shipped in more than 200 crates as 350 pieces, and it took over four months to assemble.

Statue of Liberty

21) New York City is home to more than 8 million people. That means 1 out of every 38 people in the U.S. considers this busy town home.

22) “The Big Apple” is one of the most common Nicknames in New York City. But from where did the name come? Not a very likely location, indeed. It originates from the horse racing column of a local newspaper in the 1920s that used the term to describe a bug money price at famous horse races around the region.

23) When you are a homeowner in New York, you can apply for a tree to be planted outside your home free of charge. How cool is this?!

24) New York City would not have been the same without its yellow and black taxi fleet running round the clock. Curiously enough, however, the City’s first hygiene-powered taxis were red and white. New York City cabs, until 1912, did not follow the yellow color.

25) The Bronx derives its name from Jonas Bronck, the first European to settle in the area in 1639. “Bronck” shifted to “Bronx” over the years and the rest is history.

The Bronx interesting facts about new york

26) Consider this: the whole world’s population could fit in the state of Texas if it were as heavily packed in New York City.

27) One of the most interesting facts about New York City is that, in the 19th century, oysters were so widely known that their shells were used to pave Pearl Street.

28) It would take about 24 hours if you were trying to navigate the entire NYC subway network. And, if you rush, that is it! The network is one of the biggest in the world, with 34 liens and 460 stops.

29) The gold rush may have taken place in San Francisco, but you will be shocked to hear that there is a real gold digger in NYC. He mines the gold cracks on the pavement, and he can make more than $600 a week. Very awesome!

30) UPS, FedEx, and other commercial carriers collect up to 7,000 parking tickets a day! Yikes. Which results in revenue for the City of around $120 million.

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