Healthy Food Items to Eat

Nutrition is such a necessity in human life that helps grow, work and repair our body. The type of healthy food that you are inclined to eat may affect the effectiveness and functioning of these procedures. This effect can be positive or negative; therefore, awareness of the drive of eating and the item(s) being eaten is very important to us. God has bestowed countless healthy food items on humans that man uses for different purposes. Hence, investigating the food types in a broader sense will be fruitful.

Types of Healthy Food

As the core insights regarding food have been acknowledged, the major food groups will need to be made aware of. There are four food groups which one must have in order to enjoy good health for a lasting life. These comprehensive groups are:


The carbohydrate is made up of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. Such products, which include starch and sugars, are used for the production of energy in the human body. Also, plant products are used to produce carbohydrates.


Like carbohydrates, proteins consist of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon with an addition of nitrogen. Proteins also include phosphorus, and Sulphur but not always. Our body uses growing proteins, building structures (organs, tissues and muscles) and repairing them.


The fats are regarded as the unresolvable constituents of water. The fats contain glycerol and acids. Fats are used as ‘ lipids ‘ synonymously.


The elements included in the diet are what vitamins are made of for human comfort and nourishment. On the part of vitamins, the categorization is rendered as water-resolvable and fat-resolvable. Water-resolvable vitamins comprise vitamin C & B while fat-resolvable vitamins contain vitamin A, D, E & K.

Different areas are no doubt known for their food items. Turkey retains its own place among such blessed areas of the world. Thanks to its diverse climate and nature, Turkish food items are world renowned. So, while you’re on your journey, I recommend you enjoy the delicious foods that are available in Turkey.

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Healthy Food list



Eating apples helps people get antioxidants that combat what we call free radicals – harmful constituents that are generated in the human body result in unacceptable modifications. The use of apples is interestingly associated with an extension in one’s life span.


blueberries Healthy Food

Filled with antioxidants and fiber blueberries can help with disease prevention and smooth functioning of the human body.


oranges Healthy Food

Oranges contain fibers and antioxidants, like the blueberries. These are brimming with vitamin C. Orange juice has its own flavor.

Strawberries – healthy food

strawberries Healthy Food


Strawberries are good foods to eat, in addition to having vitamin C. People typically use it in their making of shake – Strawberry shake.

In short, our world is full of such foods and you need to be conscious in terms of what your physical state is, and what you need to consume.

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