How One can Save Funds by Using Istanbul Tourist Pass?

How One can Save Funds by Using Istanbul Tourist Pass?

The Istanbul Tourist Pass is a tourism market option that has grown rapidly in popularity with visitors thanks to huge savings and a wide range of attractions and experiences offered. After a few slow years, Istanbul’s tourism industry is up and running at full pace again!

Tour operators are pulling out all the stops to give visitors the best possible trips, packages, experiences and value for money. Whatever your holiday style or budget, you’ll be able to find the tour you ‘re looking for and see your way through the beautiful city of Istanbul! But we think it’s worth a look at this pass.

How One can Save Funds by Using Istanbul Tourist Pass?

What sets the Tourist Pass apart from Istanbul?

Comfort: It’s an online Pass. This means that there is no physical ticket, just a digital QR code that can be accessed through a user-friendly app or via the official website. This QR code is you ‘digital pass’ which provides you with access to guided tours and other attractions. You just need to have your phone!

Customize your holiday itinerary: Your holiday itinerary is totally customizable with Istanbul Tourist Pass, which means you can pick and choose which attractions you visit based on your preferences, city tour interests. Long gone are the days of buying expensive full-day tours when you just wanted to see one or two places!

Save time: skip the ticket line for all big attractions in the old town district of Sultanahmet with guided tours to Hagia Sophia, palaces like Topkapi and Dolmabahce, Cistern Basilique and more! Especially in the summer, the ticket lines are super long to these major attractions, so these skip-the-ticket-line tours will allow you to spend your valuable vacation time seeing more of the town.

Save money: Access more than 35 attractions, experiences and services instantly. All you need to do is select the number of days that you wish to use your Pass. The more you use your pass, the saver the more! Here at the bottom of the page is a helpful list on their website: https:/ It sets out how much money you are going to save as compared to paying at the door. Look around to see quickly what great value you get with this product for the money.

Get local support and advice: The customized service they give their customers is another bonus. You get a mobile number that you can email via Whatsapp to get in contact with their nice, local team that can help with any more general issues or questions about the Pass or Istanbul. It is a service that is thoughtful and helpful, especially for first time visitors.

How One can Save Funds by Using Istanbul Tourist Pass?

How much is Passo Tourist?

For each Pass the Pass offers the same 35 + attractions, experiences and services. The only thing you need to know is how many days and with how many people you want to be able to use it.

Options include:

2-day Pass: €95 per adult, €45 per child (aged 5-12)

3-days Pass: €115 per adult, €55 per child (aged 5-12)

5-day Pass: €135 per adult, €65 per child (aged 5-12)

7-day Pass: €145 per person, €75 per child (aged 5-12)

The Pass days are consecutive calendar days, and the first day that you use a service or visit an attraction counts as the Pass’s first day.

Buy one Pass for multiple people journeying together. For example, purchasing a 2-day Pass for two adults and three children is better than five separate Passes consisting of 2 x 2-day adult Passes and 3 x 2-day child Passes. This makes booking simpler, because you just need to do it once.

You will save money for children under 5 by charging their entrance fee at each attraction because certain locations will be free, and only a few will need an entrance fee.

What’s on the Istanbul Transfer?

I listed the “35 + attractions , events and facilities” before, so let’s take a closer look at what these are:

Most common stuff to do:

Guided tour to Hagia Sophia Museum

Guided tour to Topkapi Palace

Driven walk to the Basilica Cistern

Guided tour to Dolmabahce Palace

A day trip to Bursa, near the Marmara Sea too.

A dinner cruise on the Bosphorus Strait: Get a discounted package of drinks (soft drinks or local alcoholic beverages) when you book for this activity. If you are interested in doing so and want to pay for it, you will totally. Dinner, cruise and sightseeing are free.

How One can Save Funds by Using Istanbul Tourist Pass?

BigBus Hop-on / Hop-off Sightseeing Tour: Get a valid 24-hour ticket to take two city routes and hop on and off as much as you want. The red route includes Taksim square, also known as the new capital, in the cosmopolitan Beyoglu neighborhood. While the Golden Horn is hidden by the Blue path, and places like Spice Bazaar.

A day-trip to Lake Sapanca and Masukiye

Cruise over Bosphorus

Whirlpool Dervishes

Popular services including:

Unlimited three-day mobile internet access: Rent N Connect offers this service. Simply order the device to be delivered to your hotel directly and start using it once you arrive. Make sure you order at least one day in advance by making a booking through your official Pass account. Just be aware that you will have to pay 0,50 euro as a security deposit to complete the reservation. For the three days there are no other costs which include unlimited data at 4 G link speeds!

Shuttle Bus to Istanbul Airport (one way trip)

Transfer to private airport (one-way): Forget about taxis. Get a discounted price for a one-way airport transfer, so the regular price is €50 but you will only pay €35 for a transfer to / from Istanbul Airport, or €20 for Sabiha Gokcen Airport. Step off the flights right away and head to your hotel.

WhatsApp Assistance for Travelers

Other things and attractions to do:

Madame Tussauds The Istanbul Wax Museum

Istanbul Museum of the Illusions

Istanbul Sea-Life Aquarium

Driven tour of the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museums (near the Hippodrome)

Boat trip to the Princes Islands (round-trip)

Driven tour of the Blue Mosque: Former imperial place of worship for Ottoman sultans

Sapphire Surveillance Deck

Night cruise with fish and chips in Bosphorus (this tour only runs from 1 April to 30 Nov)

4D Simulation at SkyRide

Besiktas JK Stadium Guided Tour (note this tour is in Turkish but you can borrow an on-site audio guide at a fee)

Guided tour to Hagia Irene Museum

Tower of Maiden

Driven ride to Grand Bazaar

Bosphorus Cruise Tour Hop-on / Hop-off

Center of legoland discovery

Park in the Jungle

Safari Safari

Dungeon Castle

Museo Sakip Sabanci

Fenerbahce Stadium and Guided Museum Tour (note that this tour is in Turkish, but you can borrow an on-site audio guide for a fee)

The Adventures of Xtrem

Museum Pera

Dialog in the Shadows

In Silence Conversation

Guided tour to Serefiye Cistern

Picture view from upside-down house

How One can Save Funds by Using Istanbul Tourist Pass?

About Your Museums Visit

Please note that with Istanbul Tourist Pass you can not visit Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahce Palace, Basilica Cistern, the Turkish & Islamic Arts Museum, Hagia Irene or Serefiye Cistern by yourself. The only way to do this is to line up at each attraction’s ticket office, purchase a ticket and then go in alone.

Istanbul Tourist Pass provides a week-long guided walking tour of these places in English, and you can find out the timetable here: https:/ I think it’s easier this way because you’re engaged with a local and benefit from their experience and expertise about the Byzantine and Ottoman empires and Constantinople times. This makes the sightseeing experience a lot richer. Only meet the guide at the meeting point set out in the timetable 5 minutes before the tour starts and enjoy it!


Yes, that pass is really as good as it sounds! Rest assured that no hidden costs do exist. I mentioned any additional fees like audio guides so you’re best equipped to decide if Istanbul Tourist Pass will work for you and save you money before making a purchase.

Check the official website here for more information: https:/ and maybe take a look at their FAQ page for additional details. Follow them also on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with the latest things to see and do in the city of Istanbul.

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