Exploring Turkey Tourist Places

What happens when people think about what is famous in Turkey or the prettiest places in Turkey is that they usually end up their thinking over Cappadocia and Pamukkale; undoubtedly, these places possess their own magical spots and doings but, as a matter of fact, there is much more to see and do in Turkey apart from these two fabulous Turkey tourist places. There is a range and an array of places from eye-catching beeches – having shoreline of more than 8000 kilometers to sky-touching mountains – above 5000 meters. To relish these you, of course, can move to Istanbul, Ephesus or Ankara – a few of the prettiest places in Turkey and Turkey tourist places.


As you ponder over the Turkey Tourist Places, you comprehend the notion of importance of the geographical location of Turkey which, eventually, becomes essence of the beauty of Turkey. Between the west of continent Asia and east of continent Europe lies Turkey. There are very few zones on the earth separated into two continents and Turkey is one of them. It becomes more shocking what you think that you can witness the atmosphere, weather, cultures and touristic places of two continents within less than an hour. A service-conscious company namely Tours Flame has always been at your service to engage you with the natural and historical places in Turkey. To explore the prettiest places in Turkey it will be, for sure, good decision to take the services Tours Flame is providing.

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Tourist Attractions in Turkey

Aspendos Theatre

Aspendos Theatre

Aspendos, another one of the Turkey tourists places, is counted as one of the ancient theatres persevered for a retrieval of historical aspects. In 155 AD, it was built during the reign of Roman Emperor. Aspendos is extended to absorb round about 20,000 onlookers. Till the date, it is preserved with all of its original attributes which make the visitors realized the historical happenings.

Hagia Sophia: One of Turkey Tourists Places

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia is one of the masterpieces of Roman engineering work. The dome of this construction is the most conspicuous thing to notice. As a matter of fact, in fifteenth century this building – previously known as a church – became a mosque after historic conquest of Ottomans. In 1935, this very fabulous building was converted into a museum. That time forward it has become one of the Turkey tourists places.



Cappadocia, one of the best Turkey tourists places, is the place unique in both – history and rock creations. Visitors, very often, move to see this place to get feelings as if they were on another planet. This is because of its exclusive nature of landscapes and atmosphere. History of Turkey is what you can easily witness and what Cappadocia has always been reflecting. Different Emperors’ deeds of bravery are associated with this piece of land. When it comes to the strangeness of Cappadocia, a region namely Goreme becomes prominent due to numerous tuff cones known as Fairy Chimneys – which seem to be shaped by winds.

Blue Mosque

Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue mosque) in Istanbul, Turkey

Blue mosque is one of the most remarkable monuments in the world. Positioned in Istanbul, the largest city in Tukey, it has become the most popular tourist fascination. It was built between 1609 and 1616, during the rule of Ahmad I. As was the tradition, this mosque like others of the time, encompasses a tomb of the originator and a hospice.  Construction of the mosque started in 1609. The royal architect Sedefhar Mehmat Aga, was employed by the Sultan as in-charge of the venture. The opening ceremony was held in 1616. It is one of the Turkey tourists places.

Blue mosque mirrors the architectural grace of both Ottoman Mosque and Byzantine church. Hagia Sophia was also kept in vision as a model. The inner of the mosque at the lower level is line with more than 20,000 hand-made ceramic tiles in more than 50 altered tulip designs. Blue Mosque has six minarets. Four minarets stand one each at the four corners of the mosque, while the others two at the end of the forecourt have only two balconies.

A heavy iron chain swings in the upper part of the court entrance on the western side. This side was meant for the Sultan alone. The chain was put there so that the Sultan had to lower his head each time he come in the court.


Oludeniz beach - Turkey Tourists Places

Oludeniz, a comparatively small country side situated on the south west shore on what is named Aegean Sea. At the mouth of Oludeniz it possesses sandy bay. Turquoise shade is what makes this beach more prominent and eventually becomes one of the most known photographical beeches.

Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut - Turkey Tourists Places

Nemrut, very close to Adiyaman city, is high mountain – 2,134 meters. A tomb-sanctuary was built by Theos of Commagene edged by huge statues of multiple items comprising Persian & Greek gods, two eagles, two lions, and a statue of himself. Tourists, nowadays, witness the scattered heads of these articles around the mountain since these heads have been collapsed.


Pamukkale - Turkey Tourists Places

Pamukale, a worth-seeing place, means ‘cotton castle’ located in the western side of Turkey. It seems holistically imaginary and known for its whitish terraces which signals the notion that what would landscapes on other planets be like. These terraces are composed of travertine. It has become one of the interesting and exciting doings of visitors to have bath in the water.

Patara Beach: One of Turkey Tourist Places

Patara Beach - Turkey Tourists Places

In Mediterranean, there are long streteches of sandy beach known as Patara. No construction is visible there except and café. Loggerhead turtles are what you can easily find there since this zone serves as the breeding place for them. A village close to Patara is famous because it’s St Nicholas’ birthplace.

Library of Celsus: One of Turkey Tourist Places

Library of Celsus - Turkey Tourists Places

Library of Celsus, for the preservation of scrolls – round about 12,000 – was built around 125 AD. This places was also used to be an enormous tomb of Celsus – the head of Asia. In 1970, library of Celsus was rebuilt in the shape you could witness today.

The explored beautiful spots which cast a spell over its observers must be witnessed by the nature and history lovers. Areas what Turkey is famous for and the prettiest places in Turkey become the center of thousands of tourists every year. In a nutshell, I suggest you to have a tour across the best places in Turkey and explore what Turkey is blessed with.

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